Tig Trager

The club enforcer. And this in a club with a troll president and a 6'9" ork demo expert. Think about that.


Booking Date: 02/25/2062 7:48:31 AM
State/Zip: CALIFORNIA 95206
Race/Sex: Caucasian Male
Height/Weight: 6 ft 1 inches 178.0 lbs.
Date of Birth: 01/02/2020


Tig is Clay’s strong right hand. The Sergeant of Arms of the club, he is the primary enforcer and defender of the mother chapter. He has a thing for the ladies and tends to think with his fists first, his dick second, and his head third. Another military vet, he is extraordinarily loyal to Clay and very protective of Clay’s old lady, Gemma.

He sports the chapter’s most obvious cyberware, what looks like vintage military full replacement right arm and leg, along with visible implants reinforcing his spine and right torso. He’s also the club’s unofficial armorer since he’s the best at maintaining the gear.

Tig Trager

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