Opie Winston

The VP's best friend since childhood and an ork since birth. When Jax needs extra muscle, Opie's always got his back.


Booking Date: 12/18/2066 7:51:48 PM
State/Zip: CALIFORNIA 95206
Race/Sex: Caucasian Ork Male
Height/Weight: 6 ft 8 inches 290.0 lbs.
Date of Birth: 06/19/2043


While he could pass for human, his extraordinary size attests to his Ork blood. While he’s not as big as Clay, he can still bench press you and your bike.

He just finished up a five year stretch in Stockton for attempted arson. Now that he’s back out, he’s the club’s go-to guy for explosives work again.

You do not want to ask him about his extensive cosmetic dental work.

Opie Winston

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