• Bobby Munson

    Bobby Munson

    Business manager and voice of reason, Bobby is the calming influence who keeps things on an even keel.
  • Chibs Telford

    Chibs Telford

    Death on wheels with those knives of his, Chibs is probably the most dangerous man in the crew in a close quarters fight.
  • Clay Morrow

    Clay Morrow

    President of the club and the number 1 reason SAMCRO opened itself up to metahumans.
  • Half-Sack Epps

    Half-Sack Epps

    The most senior of the prospects, Half-Sack has been around for nearly a year and is on the verge of being a full patch member of the club.
  • Jax Teller

    Jax Teller

    VP of the club, he grew up in SAMCRO and is the anointed prince of the club.
  • Juice Ortiz

    Juice Ortiz

    The club's hacker and information gatherer.
  • Opie Winston

    Opie Winston

    The VP's best friend since childhood and an ork since birth. When Jax needs extra muscle, Opie's always got his back.
  • Piney Winston

    Piney Winston

    Opie's father, one of the Original 9. Not as active as he used to be but this former paratrooper is never far from his Roomsweeper.
  • Tig Trager

    Tig Trager

    The club enforcer. And this in a club with a troll president and a 6'9" ork demo expert. Think about that.